• Ekiden originated 100 years

    Vietnam-Japan friendship connect by "Tasuki"


    日in越 EKIDEN 2017



  • Slogan Of this Event


    Together / Team / Friendship


  • EKIDEN!?

    Check it out!

    What is “EKIDEN” ??

    ”EKIDEN” is traditional Japanese sports, borned in Japan about 100 years ago in 1917.

    In English, it is called “Marathon Relay”.

    In “Marathon” people run alone, but in “EKIDEN” we create a single team with 4 people and run as a team.

    4 runners runs four each sections(=KUKAN), said “KUKAN1(5.2km)”,”KUKAN2(3.3km)”,”KUKAN3(3.3km)”,”KUKAN4(5.2km)”.

    What is “Tasuki” ??

    “EKIDEN” runners run with “sash(TASUKI)”.

    “TASUKI” is long cloth, and runners wear “TASUKI” on the shoulder.

    For example, in the Olympic “400m (4 × 100m) Relay”,4 people run 100m with passing baton by hand, but in "EKIDEN" we pass "TASUKI" in place of baton.

    When you finish running your interval (KUKAN), we will pass the "TASUKI" to the runner of the next section (KUKAN) of the same team.

    Regardless your order in middle section, the order of final section”KUKAN4” will be the team's ranking.

    General Rule of EKIDEN

    You can participate in “EKIDEN” only as a team of 4 people.

    (=When four people are not aligned, you can not play as a team.)??

    One runner can run only one section(KUKAN).

    If anyone stop running or do some violation, when your team will be disqualified at that point in time.

  • Event Overview

    Be first king of Ekiden in Vietnam!

    Application Requirements

    the number of people recruited:50 teams(Total 200 people 4 people are 1 team)

    Event Date

    17th December 2017

    Time table:

    07:00 Opening and children marathon reception start

    08:00 Children marathon reception deadline

    08:30 Children marathon start

    09:00 Children marathon ending / Start time for the relay race Ekiden

    11:30 EKIDEN meeting measurement deadline

    13:00 Announcement of measurement result (ekiden & children marathon) / closing ceremony

    ※9:00 from 11:30 is target for time measurement.

    Participation fee

    2,600,000VND per a team

    ※Please note that after pay a participation cost will not be refused under any circumstance.

    Registration term, Deadline

    Start: 21/08/2017

    Deadline 3/12/2017

    Race Kit

    Event day, we will give you following race kit.

    1. Zekken×4 ( zekkenn change color for each section and describe team name (e.g. 1 & 4 section Red, 2 & 3 Section yellow)

    2. Tasuki×1 (change one color: red, length 175cm, no description)


    Entry qualifications:

    1. A entry team must be constructed in a Japanese-affiliated film,or a Japanese-group, circle. 2. In four one team,a Japanese live in Vietnam be included more than one person by all team. 3. A Vietnamese or the entry of other nationality can entry if it’s to belong to a Japanese- affiliated film employee constituting the team concerned or the Japanese-group,circle.

    4. It’s also possible more than one team to entry from the same film, group, circle.



    1.Run rule

    ・The Tasuki wears the thing which prepared by our.

    ・The Tasuki relay out of the relay area is impossible

    ・The accompaniment is impossible only for the run in one contestant with each section

    ・The runner must not receive the help of any person during a competition with each contestant...※1

    ・A person can run one section

    ・ We continue measuring it unless an umpire recognizes it in the additional time by the inevitability and do not measure it again

    ・ We play a game according to the instructions of the signboard installed in the meeting place and the instructions of the person in charge

    1. ※1...A member of this meeting medical affairs removes a case to touch the body of the contestant for palpation

    2.About lead at a start goal spot

    ・Delivery method of the Tasuki

    The next runner receives a Tasuki from a forerunner in (in a relay area) for the sake of a relay area, and please pass a measurement line.


    3.About disqualification be refused

    ・Run foully (including the short cut of the course) out of the course (reject)

    ・The act that interferes with other teams

    ・Lack of the team number of people

    ・An act, danger to lack in the equitableness of other competitions and the act that is  judged


    Children marathon

    • Participation:Children under elementary school

    Before EKIDEN meeting start, we hold 1.5km to children marathon

    It’s also commends for three high ranks children.(1st~3rd)

    ※In order to support the children can't ride one escort is available.



    A ranking announcement and commendation

    • Team commendation

    In the order of arrival of each team, We present a testimonial and the souvenir to 1~3 rank

    • Measurement result announcement method

    In addition, We place it about the result of other people later in this HP.

  • Course

    Section distance

    1st runner :1 lap of outside course (5.2km)

    2nd runner :1 lap of outside course (3.3km)

    3rd runner : 1 lap of outside course (3.3km)

    4th runner : 1 lap of outside course (5.2km)


    Total section distance 17.0

    ※Children course is 1.5km(inner course)



    1st Section, 4th Section

    The longest journey in this race!!

    In these courses, you will run around all of the lakes, so it is assumed that many capable runners will participate in these courses. The race would definitely become exciting!

    2nd Section, 3rd Section

    For the person who are not confident with running!

    If you don't have confidence with your running skills, that's no problem! This course is in total 3.3 km, so you may completely keep running to the end!!

    Children Marathon

    For children under elementary school students!

    Children under elementary school students can also join in this festival! The course is totally 1.5 km and you can join in this race for free! If you have some interest in running, feel free to join!

  • Event Place

    場所:Commercial Le Parc

    住所:4, Yên Sở, Hoàng Mai, Vạn Phúc Hà Nội, Viet Nam

    Google Map URL: https://goo.gl/maps/iuKUpN3XXPu